LOP Backdrops *Winter to the Moon* @ UniK March Round

Only the Window Wall and the two little Cats are in the Set. The other things are my own

[HU] Cassy Sneakers @ UniK March Round

I wear the white version for Maitreya. You can change the Leather (Belt) and the Laces

[AB] Pointy Shirt @ UniK March Round

I wear the [AB] Pointy Shirt – Queen

[..::CuCa Designs::..] Sweetie

Lollipop included. ‚Add‘ to wear. Click it to change colors.

  • includes a pose stand with all the poses of this pack
  • includes also all static anims to put in your own hud/stand/ball
  • each of the poses can be purchased separately with exception of the fatpack exclusive

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